Sleeper Album of 2011: Jeremy Jay – “Dream Diary”

Artist: Jeremy Jay
Album: Dream Diary
Hails From: Los Angeles
Featured Track: “Out on the Highway”

There’s always the one album that gets away every year. And this year, for me, it was Jeremy Jay. Surprising too since I’ve been such a diligent follower of his work. Own every album he’s released, in fact. But it wasn’t until I stumbled upon (and purchased) a copy of his 2008 release, A Place Where We Could Go, in the vinyl bin at Amoeba that I was reminded of his indie pop charms. I highly recommend you roll up your sleeves and dig in to his work. His David Bowie/Belle and Sebastian-esque sound will hook you for sure. It’s a mood and meant to be consumed in it’s entirety.

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