Fresh Tracks: Pontiak – “Lions of Least”

Artist: Pontiak
Album: Echo Ono
Homeland: Virginia
Release Date: February 12, 2012
Featured Track: “Lions of Least”

Pontiak has been kicking around their Southern-inspired, good ‘ol rock ‘n roll since 2006. The latest effort by the brotherly trio, Echo Ono, is a concept album born under the inspiration to explore color and texture through song and music. Painting through music, if you will. What manifested is their love of loud music and the texture and color it produces. Music so loud it produces physical vibrations in your chest. Described as their most direct and concise album to date, “it was like walking to the top of a hill in a field and watching the sky expand, a vision fully realized.” Turn it up to 11 and see for yourself.

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