Just Want To Buy You Some Maracas, Girl

Artist: Nick Waterhouse
Homeland: SF

There’s a new kid on the block in SF. His name is Nick Waterhouse and I’m very quickly falling in love with his way back, rhumba, R&B tinged groovy sound. Get on it. All over it. And look to see him live and in the flesh at Bottom of the Hill on April 21 and The Knockout on April 30.

5 thoughts on “Just Want To Buy You Some Maracas, Girl

  1. I think Nick Waterhouse needs a new record company. Pres Records’ website and distribution sucks! They released a vinyl 45 for him. That’s it. Really?! Welcome to 2011 people. How about some digital downloads? Christ. Maybe I’ll type a letter of complaint, whiteout the typos, and mail it.

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