Invisible Children Holiday Benefit @ The Troubador 12/20

Guards – “Long Time”

Mountain Man – “Animal Tracks”

For you LA-based folks, there’s a great show for a great cause coming your way courtesy of KCRW on December 20 at The Troubadour. Best of all the event is being curated by friends Rollo & Grady and our very own Yours Truly. On tap for the line up are Mountain Man, Guards and an acoustic set by Deer Tick frontman John McCauley. There’s also a surprise, secret headliner in store that will be making their debut performance. Details will be announced soon but it’s good, trust me.

All proceeds will go towards Invisible Children’s programs to help the war-affected people of East Africa. Tickets are $15. Now go do some good and buy one  here.

One thought on “Invisible Children Holiday Benefit @ The Troubador 12/20

  1. What a great post, Matt. I was a haitsent Deer Tick fan until I saw them 6 times over the summer. I don't care if they're borrowing from rock bands of yesterday because all bands do that. Deer Tick really does lay it all out there and with more energy than most. Their shows are unpredictable and wild at times (I saw McCauley light a set list on fire) and I feel like there are so few bands keeping that crazy part of rock 'n' roll alive. They're one of those bands that's more than the sum of their recorded songs. I realize that's not speaking to the music per se, but I don't understand how "critics" fail to appreciate that aspect at the very least.

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