Recently Played: Sean @ Drowned in Sound

I don’t know about you, but I tend to judge people by the music they keep. It’s a sure indicator for me of whether or not we’re going to get along. It may be unfair, may be a little harsh but I can’t help myself. It’s an ongoing fascination I have with compelling and notable people too. It’s all I can do to NOT rip their iPods out of their hand to find out what they’re listening to. And then I realized…wait, I can do that legitimately! And thus the series, ‘Recently Played’ was born where I ask those that I respect and admire (either musically or otherwise) to send me the last 10-12 tracks they’ve recently played. It’s been enormously enjoyable for me. I hope it’s as much fun for you. And that you’ll get to discover some cool new tunes and people along the way. So, without further ado…

Meet Sean….

Founder // Drowned in Sound
Columnist // The Sunday Times Culture
Monthly Playlist Curator //

Yes…he’s all that and a bag of chips. But most importantly, Sean is the founder of Drowned in Sound (DiS), one of the UK’s first and most established music blogs. Celebrating 10 years of blogging this month, DiS has become an award-winning destination for more than half a million music fans a month. And if that’s not impressive enough, Sean writes a column for The Sunday Times, does a monthly selection of playlists for the Spotify blog, is the driving force behind DiS Records (Kaiser Chiefs, Metric, Bat for Lashes, Martha Wainwright, Emmy the Great, etc) and was recently named one of the London Times’ most-influential people under 30.  You should definitely listen to what he has to play.

//Recently Played//

  1. The Emeralds – “Candy Shoppe”
  2. At the Drive In – “One Armed Scissor”
  3. These New Puritans – “Numerology (AKA Numbers)”
  4. The Stills – “Still in Love Song – Extended 12″ Remix”
  5. The Walkmen – “The Rat”
  6. Beirut – “Elephant Gun”
  7. Nine Inch Nails – “The Way Out is Through”
  8. No Age – “Everybody’s Down”
  9. HEALTH – “In Violet”
  10. Ben Frost – “Theory of Machines”
  11. Mount Kimbie – “Serged”
  12. Interpol – “Try It On”

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