Local Show: Ty Segall, Weekend, Terry Malts, Whirl @ Milk Bar

It’s hard to pass up a show with Ty Segall solo. It’s like going back to the place and time where you first fell in love. (sigh). So be sure to check out Epicsauce‘s great line up this Thursday at Milk Bar featuring a great local line up of need to know bands: Weekend, Ty Segall (solo), Terry Malts and Whirl. Some local-style, underground garage rock to make you swoon for sure.

Andy Clockwise – “Cocaine & Champagne”

Andy Clockwise “Cocaine & Champagne”

We love Andy Clockwise.  One of my favorite performances of SXSW this year, these guys are as much fun off stage as they are on it. The LA (by way of Australia)-based band is fresh off an Australian tour with Julian Casablancas and is back in SoCal celebrating the release of their new EP “Are You Well” tonight at the Troubador. They also released a new single today, “Remember Love”. Check out the video for it and enjoy this yummy track I just got, “Cocaine & Champagne.”  One day we’ll get them up here in SF, I promise.

The Delta Mirror – “He Was Worse Than The Needle He Gave You”

The Delta Mirror – “He Was Worse Than The Needle He Gave You”

Writing about music is a difficult and sometimes futile proposition. I once heard someone describe it akin to writing about architecture. You just know what you like when you see it.  Same with music.  You know what you like when you hear it. However, there are a few exceptions and I thought LA-based The Delta Mirror’s artist statement was both meaningful and relevant. I actually got it before I heard it. Which is no small task.  So why mess with a good thing? Indeed. Here’s how they described themselves and the sound of their debut LP, Machines that Listen. They’ll be stopping by San Francisco’s The Rickshaw Stop on July 27.

The Delta Mirror is a cocktail of all your past loves, the ones you wish had stuck around, and check up on from time to time even though you’ve moved on. They were made from the sprained fingers and broken records of mid 90’s hip hop. They were made from the bent circuits of electronica, dead IDM lap tops and broken shoegaze strings. They were made from the injured spirit of a folk singer’s broken heart. Alongside bands like The Big Pink and The Fuck Buttons, The Delta Mirror see’s the things that made our past relationships work and brings them together creating the ideal love.

The OCMD Mixtape: Done

the OCMD Mixtape:Done

  1. The National, “Terrible Love”
  2. Future Islands, “As I Fall”
  3. Tame Impala, “It’s Not Meant to Be”
  4. Built to Spill, “Done”
  5. The Besnard Lakes, “And This is What We Call Progress”
  6. Heartless Bastards, “Blue Day”
  7. The Veils, “It Hits Deep”
  8. Alberta Cross, “The Devil’s All You Ever Had”
  9. The Vision of a Dying World, “Mantra/What Is and What is Not”
  10. The Helio Sequence, “Lately”

The Rumble SF Tonight: AB & The Sea, What Laura Says, So Many Wizards

AB & The Sea“Bone Dry”

What Laura Says“Training”

So Many Wizards“Nico”

FutureSound’s monthly Rumble just keeps getting better and better. This month Cafe du Nord plays host to a future-star line up featuring San Francisco surf pop group, AB & The Sea; Phoenix-based psych rockers, What Laura Says; and LA-based dream rockers, So Many Wizards.  Another fine evening of music you can get for cheap or for free by RSVP’ing at SonicLiving.

SF Spotlight: Stripmall Architecture on LCD – “Drunk Girls”

Stripmall Architecture covering LCD Soundsystem’s “Drunk Girls”

“Radium Girls”

San Francisco’s Stripmall Architecture is a group I fell in love with the first time I laid ears on them. Their dreamy, downtempo beats hook you instantly. The duo turned foursome was created by founding members Ryan and Rebecca Coseboom of the late Halou. Reincarnated in their next musical life as Stripmall Architecture, the group has just released their latest EP, Feathersongs For Factory Girls (Part One), which is out now. The beauty of this release is that it was completely self -funded by their fans. Love that. “Radium Girls” is a track from the release in tune with their tempo. They also released a freebie remix of LCD Soundsystem’s “Drunk Girls” for shits and grins that was likely inspired by their recent visti to SF. Drunk Girls…Radium Girls…it’s all good.

Download the album now and look for them live July 17 at Milk Bar.