[CONTEST] Name That Sample: Chain Gang of 1974 – “Stop”

Chain Gang of 1974 – “Stop

Welcome to the modern day version of “Name That Tune.” Except in this day and age, it’s “Name that Sample”. I find myself getting quite obsessed with trying to figure out the classic tracks these fancy new electronic artists are layering into their music. It’s a fun game I like to play with myself and the debut album from Kamtin Mohager’s Chain Gang of 1974, called White Guts, has given me lots of good fodder to keep me busy this summer. I’m very smitten with this album and his clear obsession for  70s/80s music that is prevalently sprinkled throughout the record. Listening to it is both a treasure hunt and a flashback. It’s just good fun up, down and all around.

So now I bring my fun mind game to you with The OCMD’s Name That Sample contest for the track “Stop”. The first reader to correctly name the artist and song that Mohager is sampling in this track will win this free Chain Gang of 1974 t-shirt. Go!

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