Futurebirds – “Johnny Utah”

Futurebirds“Johnny Utah”

Don’t think for a minute that I would pass up an opportunity as good as this.  A song by a new Athens, GA band about Johnny Utah?  Played by my fav celeb, Keanu Reeves? Pfft..not even a question. So sorry, Futurebirds.  I’ll get your photo up another time.  But opportunity was knocking and I’m definitely answering this call.  You see, Keanu and I, we’re meant to be together.  We just haven’t met me yet.

Futurebird’s debut release Hampton’s Lullaby will be released July 13th via the lovely and fabulous Autumn Tone Records, the label founded by Aquarium Drunkard’s Justin Gage. And you know that if Justin’s behind it, it’s gotta be good.

One thought on “Futurebirds – “Johnny Utah”

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