Wintersleep Album “New Inheritors” Due May 18

Wintersleep “New Inheritors

One of the hazards of blogging is the endless hamster wheel of new music you find yourself treading on day in and out. There are worse problems to be had, for sure, but the sheer volume of new music to consume can make it difficult to enjoy some of your old favorites.  Like Wintersleep, one of my faves of 2008/09. It took tooling around town in my friend’s car to be reminded of how much I missed it and curious to know what these guys were up to.  Good things, I learned. They are getting ready to release their second album, New Inheritors, on May 18, followed by a tour that will land them at San Francisco’s The Independent on June 15. I was dragging people to see them two years ago at Hotel Utah and I’ll be dragging them again next month at The Independent. Keep your eyes on this band.

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