Aussie Week: Andy Clockwise

Andy Clockwise – “Everybody’s In a Band” 


Good music + good people = good times.  It’s a fairly straightforward equation. And if it’s a good time you’re looking for, definitely call Andy Clockwise (aka Andy Kelly). These Aussies (masquerading as Angelenos) know how to get a party started with their variety of self-described schizo pop.  Their music runs the gamut from balls to the wall, rock your socks off numbers like “Everybody’s in a Band” to softer ballads and cover songs like Bjiork’s “Hyperballad”.  Their forthcoming LP “The Socialite” is due out this year. Meanwhile, the group will head back to Australia for a tour the month of May.  And oh, did I mention that they have the most badass female drummer you’ve laid your eyes on? Her name’s Stella Mozgawa and she’s rad.  (She also drums for Warpaint.) File under: One To Watch.

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