Aussie Week: Bon Chat, Bon Rat [Free EP Download]

Bon Chat, Bon Rat“Map of Sao Paulo

Main Entry: à bon chat, bon rat
Pronunciation: \ä-bōⁿ-ˈshä bōⁿ-ˈrä\
Etymology: French

  1. An attacker and an attackee who grow stronger from finding new ways to outwit each other. Literally, a French proverb that means “to a good cat, a good rat” – whether good or bad, they got what they deserve.
  2. A Sydney-based three piece electronic act whose lush, atmospheric sound evokes acts like Pivot, Four Tet, M83 and Decoder Ring.

I love it when this happens.  I open my inbox to discover awesome new music, not only for me but you too! Bon Chat, Bon Rat is giving away their self-titled EP for free download. That’s right. Free!! So go ahead, drop it like it’s hot.

Download Bon Chat, Bon Rat EP now.

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