I Think I’m Having a Mid-Life Crisis…

Malachai “Snowflake”

Seriously. I’m coveting muscle cars? What’s wrong with me! I’ve never done that before. First it was the little old lady in the pristine 1974 Ford Mustang taunting me every morning as I drive down Van Ness en route to work.  Now this parks next to me on a daily basis, begging for my affection. Well, you have it pretty lady. Every time I see you I want to rip off my clothes and have hot, sweaty sex on your benchseat. And I didn’t even know your name. I do now. Dodge Charger. Year? You tell me.

Damn, what a badass car. It’s so Clint Eastwood. And you can’t have a badass car without some badass music. Bristol, England’s Malachai will do quite nicely in this beauty, thank you very much. Their new album, Ugly Side of Love, is as raw, vintage and hot as this machine. Just check out the track “Snowflake” and see for yourself. Perfection.

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