Everything Will Be Alright. Be Cool.

Golden Ages Everything Will Be Alright”

“Be Cool

Philadelphia-based Golden Ages seems to have the making for success.  His ethereal, experimental soundscapes evoke references to the icons of his genre – Deerhunter, Panda Bear and Animal Collective. Both “Be Cool” and “Everything Will Be Alright” are two singles coming from his full length called Tradition, releasing this Spring. Rarely do I like to plagiarize a musician’s artist statement or press release, but this one was too good not to.

“Everything Will Be Alright” is about those tough times in life when you feel like you have no control over anything but you have to realize that things will work out, and even if they don’t, things will look up in time. “Be Cool” is about taking it easy, not being frustrated or impatient, and just enjoying life instead of worrying about the little things. The record’s describes that phase in life where you find yourself maturing both mentally and emotionally. “It’s about the transition from the aimlessness of youth into the difficult task of determining your own place in the world. The way growing up changes your relationships with those who are close to you, for better or for worse, and the need to leave in search of something better.”

2 thoughts on “Everything Will Be Alright. Be Cool.

  1. Very good subject matter, and excellently expressed. I might have to buy this album just because of its deep statements, something artists don’t seem to be doing as much of with all the new-age, “aesthetics over quality” credos going around.

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