Best of 2009 by Shawn of Kata Rokkar

Who: Shawn, Editor in Chief, Photographer
Blog: Kata Rokkar
Location: San Rafael, CA
Twitter: @katarokkar

The OCMD Best of 2009 Questionnaire

  1. Best Album: Grizzly BearVeckatimest – I was stubborn about the Grizzly-craze at first. But when I finally sat down with this record, I realized how special this record is.
  2. Most Overlooked Album: Division DayVisitation – It’s such a dark and colorful record. Why anyone missed this is beyond me.
  3. Best Song: I probably listened to Phoenix’sFences  a lot because it wakes me up when I go to work. Clues “Remember Severed Head”, Mos Def “Auditorium, Mos Def”, and Jeremy Enigk’s “April Storm” got major replays over the year.
  4. Best Live Show: It’s a tie between The Mars Volta’s epic performance at Outside Lands Festival and Fanfarlo’s show at Popscene. While Fanfarlo showed they are one of the most charismatic bands of the year, Mars Volta went absolutely ballistic on stage at Outside Lands….hmmm, tough one.
  5. Band/Artist I am most happy to have discovered: Sleep Whale and Fanfarlo
  6. Band/Artist I kick myself for missing: Bon Iver, both shows. I couldn’t make it and it still kills me to this day.
  7. Band/Artist everyone seems to love but I just can’t get behind: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
  8. Favorite SF Band: Too many, but it’s a tie between Judgement Day and Sean Hayes.
  9. One to Watch in 2010: The Limousines

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