SF Spotlight: Claude VonStroke – “Monster Island”


Claude VonStroke“Monster Island”

Electronic/House music is not my genre. My Twitter handle isn’t indierockgirl for nothing, after all. I’ve gone so far as contemplating a filter in my inbox that would automatically delete anything with the word ‘remix’ in the subject line. But that’s not really fair. Every genre of music has it’s time and place. And the San Francisco underground DJ scene definitely has it’s place, especially on a night like Halloween. Maybe I’m still reverberating from the energy of that evening’s all night dance fest and secret loft parties, but when I got the email about Claude VonStroke’s new record release I couldn’t resist a spin. Particularly when it’s from one of San Fran’s most respected DJs.

Claude VonStroke is better known to locals, as Barclay Crenshaw, the owner of San Francisco’s quirky tech-funk label, dirtybird. The label consists of Crenshaw (VonStroke,) fellow producer Justin Martin, and a diverse assortment of top remixers from around the globe such as John Tejada, Audion, Diplo, 3 Channels, Dj Assault, and Kevin Saunderson. He has many releases under his belt but his latest, called Bird Brain, features a track that even Pitchfork approves.  Take a listen and join the fun at his record release party at The Mezzanine on November 13.

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