Cover Me: Taken By Trees – “My Boys” + “Sweet Child ‘O Mine”


Taken by Trees covering “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

Taken by Trees, My Boys” (covering Animal Collective’s “My Girls”)

Swedens’ Victoria Bergsman of Taken by Trees, former frontwoman of The Concretes, is an amazing interpreter of song. The band’s ethereal, ethnic infused music is something to be explored for sure, but Victoria’s interpretation of cover songs is something to be cherished. These two tracks are some of my favorite covers…ever.  Taken by Trees’ latest album, East of Eden, is out now.

One thought on “Cover Me: Taken By Trees – “My Boys” + “Sweet Child ‘O Mine”

  1. This has the potential of being the Christmas no.1 here in the UK. The John Lewis group of stores are using a seventy second clip for their tv marketing campaign. Gary Jules got to no.1 with a TFF cover “Mad World”, so why shouldn’t this? Though 2The X-Factor” attempt was released yesterday, with a Michael Jackson, trib-cover of You Are Not Alone, sickly, gushy, too sweet for my musical tooth.

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