Hilarious But True: Defining Indie Music Fans


@epicureanzealot sent me the link to this post on Cracked.com and, well, I cracked up.  In addition to this hilarious decision flow chart for whether or not a band is worthy of indie fan-dom, they summed up the indie music scene and it’s followers like this:

  1. “Indie music” is a term most commonly associated with unsigned or minor label bands that have a folk/alt/rock/electronic sound.
  2. In addition to liking music that nobody else does, the one thing that unites the indie scene is a willingness to wear clothes nobody else would be caught dead in.
  3. The favored environment for indie music culture is festivals; however it can be found in clubs, thrift stores and Urban Outfitters.

4 thoughts on “Hilarious But True: Defining Indie Music Fans

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