Department of Eagles – In Ear Park



Artist: Department of Eagles
Album: In Ear Park
File Under: Psychedelic Folk, Folktronica
Recommended if You Like: Grizzly Bear, Elliott Smith, Fleet Foxes
Featured Track: Phantom Other; No One Does It Like You

‘Phantom Other‘:

‘No One Does it Like You’:

Department of Eagles is essentially a side-project of Grizzly Bear singer-songwriter Daniel Rossen, who developed its dreamy, autobiographical songs with college friend and cohort, Fred Nicolaus. Their latest album, In Ear Park, was developed over the years between the two, stealing time on weekends and between tours. Other Grizzly Bear band members were also involved in the endeavor.  Chris Taylor acted as producer/engineer and played electric bass and horns and Chris Bear, Grizzly Bear’s drummer, also contributed heavily to the album. 

Most people, like me, are immediately struck by the track, ‘No One Does It Like You‘.  I obsessed over that track initially too.  The rest of the album is on the mellow, quieter side. But dig deeper and you’ll start to appreciate the complexities and amazing orchestral arrangements that continue to unfold listen after listen. Which for me makes it one of the better albums I’ve heard so far this year.  

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One thought on “Department of Eagles – In Ear Park

  1. nice description. this album is fantastic — check out the non-album track “1997” for more (there should be a youtube clip of the guys performing it).

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