Good Love


I awoke at god knows what time this morning because Judah thought there was bug in his room and wanted to cuddle in my bed.  Bleary eyed and half asleep, I obliged. Which is really no hardship on my end. Believe me, he’s the best cuddler in the world.  Except when he sleeps perpendicular to me and kicks me in the head all night.  Which was the case last night.  

So when he awoke at the opposite end of the bed this morning all alone, he said to me sleepily: ‘Mommy, I didn’t give you good love last night!‘  ‘I’m going to come over and give you some good love.’  Which basically means he’s going to puppy-pile on top of me. After settling in and before falling back asleep, he added: ‘I didn’t make you a picture yesterday either, Mommy.  I’m sorry.  I’ll make one for you today.’

How do they get so damn cute?  Every time I see him sleeping so peacefully like this, I always think of this song from The Acorn’s Glory Hope Mountain called ‘Lullaby (Mountain)’. The most beautiful lullaby ever.

Listen to Lullaby (Mountain):

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