White Denim ‘Exposion’ Released Today

Whoo hoo!  I just bought my first album today via Topspin!  And it was the much anticipated debut LP from my favorite Texas rockers, White Denim, to boot.  The album is being digitally debuted with the new platform in advance of the album’s physical release on November 3.  In case you don’t recall from my prior posts, Topspin is a cool new technology platform that is helping artists circumvent labels and market directly to the fans.  It allows artists to offer a variety of ‘value add’ options and services to their fans.  

Take a trip to the White Denim site and you’ll see what I mean.  You can:

  1. Download the album in MP3 format with artwork for $8.99,
  2. Download the album in lossless FLAC format (for all you sound junkies) for $13.99,
  3. Or subscribe to the ‘band’ for a yearly membership of $29.99 and receive their new album in 320 kbps format, a 12″ copy of the album, a 7″ copy of the “Let’s Talk About It” EP , and a collection of unreleased digital live tracks. Plus a lot more goodies throughout the year. 

Cool huh?  It’s a whole new way to consume music and the artist gets to reap the rewards. What a concept.

Here’s Shake, Shake, Shake:

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