Brightblack Morning Light (BBML) – Motion to Rejoin

Artist: Brightblack Morning Light
Album: Motion to Rejoin
File Under: Freak Folk
Recommended if You Like: Devendra Banhardt, Joanna Newsom, Spiritualized
Featured Track: Oppressions Each

Brightblack Morning Light is headphone heaven mood music to me.  It’s trippy, hypnotic and spellbinding. ‘Motion to Rejoin’ is the third album they recorded from a secluded adobe in New Mexico.  And the tempo of the album seems to be indicative of the speed at which BBML’s world moves – slooooooow.

Check out this excerpt from BBML’s artist statement for insight into this eccentric duo:

Previous to this recording, while BBML toured Europe, singer Naybob Shineywater sang each show with an arrowhead in his mouth. Why? To let his own sung words & breathe touch this stone before european ears could hear them. 

“I was not singing for war, but to engage the spirit of the maker of the arrowhead itself, to offer up Peace, that his warrior effort find a new respect, and to help my own warrior spirit sing in Peace,” reveals Naybob.

After returning from the european tour, a chance to move in to an adobe on a secluded enchanted mesa came to Naybob. With only 4 solar panels, it matched his desire to live in a meager way while making the 2nd BBML LP. “Motion To Rejoin” is anti nuclear and coal, but also aligned with the phases of the sun. “With only 4 solar panels you are entirley dependent upon how much the sun is shining,” informs Naybob.

Oh yeah.  Pass the peace pipe, Naybob, and sign me up for your Cafe du Nord shows October 14 and 15.

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