Treasure Island Music Festival – Rock Fist Forever


The sun sets on Treasure Island

The sun sets on Treasure Island

Judah rocks it for his first festival.

Judah rocks it for his first festival.

Judah Meets The Morning Benders!

Judah Meets The Morning Benders!

The Treasure Island Music Festival epitomizes the ideal festival experience for me. You could almost say it’s the anti-festival. The crowd size is small – around 10,000 a day, the location is beautiful, the line up is thoughtfully curated with the most cutting-edge indie artists, and the event organization is impeccable – no lines for food, beverages or toilets and only 2 stages scheduled with non-competing performances so the attendee never has to choose or compromise. The result is a beautiful day of rockin’ music.  In an era where behemoth, corporate festivals reign supreme, these qualities do not go unnoticed.  Kudos to Noise Pop and APE. Please, keep up the good work and don’t change a thing!

Day 2 of Treasure Island was one of the better festival line ups I’ve yet to see. Fleet Foxes, Dr. Dog, The Kills and – most of all – The Raconteurs were the highlights for me.  ‘The Rockin-tours’ as Judah calls them. Quite astute for a 3 year old, for these gentleman do ROCK.  I’ve had the pleasure to see them twice this year (the first time at Bimbos!) and can say with certainty that, after last night, Jack White has firmly secured a spot in my rock god pantheon. Which is precisely what separates a Raconteurs show from so many of the shows I see these days.  It’s just straight up, fist pumping, good ‘ol rock-n-roll.  When’s the last time you’ve seen a good rock show?  The kind that just makes you want to bang your head and play air guitar. I’m hard pressed to recall one.  Rock fist forever, Raconteurs.

What do you think: Is Jack White the rock god of our generation?

Here’s one of my favorite songs from the Sunday set:

The Raconteurs, ‘Level’:  

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3 thoughts on “Treasure Island Music Festival – Rock Fist Forever

  1. Jack White is the new Moby. Selling his integrity for the spoils of commercial over-saturation. He was interesting when he was dating his sister, but now he’s just a over-hyped, overfed Liam Gallagher.

    – Spitfire

  2. thanks to you and your previous posts (including your mixtapes) i’ve discovered many amazing bands.
    now i have all these wonderful songs, and as im very obsessive(-compulsive) about keeping them in order and labeling them properly (and rating them). only downside is that sometimes i simply don’t know what to do about their genres! blues rock or garage? folk or psychedelic!!? i dont want to use indie rock…thats too generic and isnt specific enough.
    do you have advice for me? how should i classify the raconteurs, for example

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