Where Have All the Hipsters Gone?

A couple times a week, I head over to the American Industrial Center in the Dogpatch District of San Francisco to attend my – near complete – patternmaking class at Apparel Arts.  Week after week, I would inevitably share the elevator with a group of hipsters heading to 4R.  The exclusive floor of Soundflavor. Curious as to what could possibly attract such a huge population of Mission District hipsters to one floor of a building, I asked one day while riding the elevator:

Me: “What is Soundflavor?”  
Hipster: “A Music recommendation service.”  
Me: “Hmm.  Like Pandora or Last.fm?”
Hipster: “Yeah.”

Well,  I think it’s safe to say the company needs to polish up that ‘elevator pitch’. I did some research myself and found that company seems to be differentiating themselves in the ‘video playlist’ arena.  Meaning you upload your iTunes playlist or type in an artist and the site will turn your musical tastes into a custom video playlist – like your own personal MTV.

I didn’t think much more of the Soundflavor hipsters until they became noticeably absent.  I haven’t seen them for months now.  Where have you gone, hipsters?  I miss your big glasses, scruffy beards, trucker hats, plaid shirts, tight jeans and Converse shoes. I checked your website and, while it says you’re still in the building, your cute little cherry logo is nowhere to be found.  4R is a ghostland.  What happened?

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One thought on “Where Have All the Hipsters Gone?

  1. You ever eat at Serpentine? We liked the vibe, but the portions were small for the price you’re paying. Good cocktails, though. I rarely make it to that neck of the woods but next time I wanna try Hard Knox or a brew at the Saloon.

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