CAN – The Lost Tapes

Artist: CAN
Album: The Lost Tapes
Hails From: Germany
Release Date: June 19, 2012
Featured Track: “A Swan is Born”

Often dubbed the fathers of krautrock, CAN is a 70’s era experimental rock group that has influenced countless bands – Joy Division, Talking Heads, Bowie, Pavement, The Stone Roses. Radiohead and The Jesus and Mary Chain have covered them. Kayne West has sampled them and the indie rock group, Spoon, named themselves after the Can hit of the same name.

Set to release today in the US, The Lost Tapes is a 3 CD set of unreleased tracks covering a period from 1968 to 1977 that was compiled by bandmates Irmin Schmidt and Daniel Miller and sounds as fresh and relevant today as it did then. Classic.

Stuck in My Head: Thieving Irons – “So Long”

Artist: Thieving Irons
Album: Behold, This Dreamer
Hails From: Brooklyn
Release Date: June 5, 2012
Featured Track: “So Long”

“Thieving Irons is a collective of close friends navigating together through dense sonic terrain,” says the band’s biography. Those close friends are led by Nate Martinez,  who started the band in 2009 after the break up of Pela. Martinez was also a recording and touring member of The National. And so his sonic navigation has led him here to Thieving Irons and their second LP entitled, “Behold, This Dreamer”. Behold, this beautiful dream rock.

Vacationer – “Trip (MMOTHS Remix)”

Artist: Vacationer
Album: Gone
Hails From: Philadelphia
Featured Track: “Trip (MMOTHS Remix)”

12:30 AM. On deadline. Grumpy. Wishing I was back in Nicaragua, on holiday, sipping Toña and playing on the beach. Instead, I seek solace from my inbox and find it in the form of a lovely remix of a track off Vacationer’s debut, Gone. Just what I needed. A 3:30 mental vacation and audio back drop to revisit some of my favorite Nica moments. So thank you, Vacationer, for pulling me out of my 12:30 AM tailspin and getting me through this deadline. It worked.

Now you try. If you could go anywhere…