The Vinyl Debate – Part 3: Vince Slusarz, Gotta Groove Records

The Vinyl Expert: Q&A with Vince Slusarz – Owner of Gotta Groove Records, the newest vinyl record plant in the US, adds his perspective to the trendspotting series – “The Resurgence of  Vinyl”. To read the entire series, click here. theOCMD: You’re the newest vinyl record plant in the country. Congratulations! What made you get into the […]

The Dodos New Album “Time To Die” Now Streaming

The Dodos – “Fables” The Dodos, one of San Francisco’s finest, has a follow up release to their acclaimed debut “Visiter”in the works, entitled “Time To Die.”  Reports from @TheBayBridged and @DodgeMOKB indicate the album has already been leaked.  Poor guys.  In response to the debacle, the band has set up a website to stream […]

3 Million Records and “No one gives a damn”

If you want evidence that the digital music era is here to stay, look no further than this story. An interesting post on Gizmodo reported that Paul Mawhinney, owner of the worlds largest vinyl record collection, is trying to sell his inventory of 3 million records. Unfortunately, he says “no one gives a damn.” Paul […]

POND – “Tears of a Clown (Cover)”

Artist: POND Track: “Tears of a Clown (Smokey Robinson Cover)” My new favorite Aussie band, POND, just blew through their US tour and is kicking off their European leg tonight. In celebration, they released a cover of Smokey Robinson’s “Tears of a Clown”. Their album “Beard, Wives and Denim” is out now and encourage you […]

Weird Out with SF MOMA and Parra @ Mighty

You may not know Dutch artist and designer Parra by name, but likely you’ve seen some of his iconic illustrations around. Brands everywhere have been slapping his distinctive drawings on everything from sneakers, to t-shirts to skateboards and even iPhone cases. Now he’s taking to the walls of SF MOMA in his first US museum exhibition, […]

Sleeper Album of 2011: Jeremy Jay – “Dream Diary”

Artist: Jeremy Jay Album: Dream Diary Hails From: Los Angeles Featured Track: “Out on the Highway” There’s always the one album that gets away every year. And this year, for me, it was Jeremy Jay. Surprising too since I’ve been such a diligent follower of his work. Own every album he’s released, in fact. But […]

Nick Waterhouse: “Is That Clear”

Artist: Nick Waterhouse Album: Is That Clear EP Homeland: San Francisco, CA Release Date: Aug 16, 2011 Featured Track: “Is That Clear”; “I Can Only Give You Everything” My latest San Francisco music obsession Nick Waterhouse has a new EP out, “Is That Clear”, on digital now with the 45″ single of the aforementioned tunes […]