The Zoltars – “Make It Go Away”

Artist: The Zoltars
Album: Should I Try Once More?
Hails From: Austin, TX
Release Date: April 10, 2012
Featured Track: “Make It Go Away”

The Zoltars are a three piece from Austin on the verge of releasing their debut LP, “Should I Try Once More?” A concept album that tells the story of someone falling in love again. Or so it seems from the album’s title and song track listing, questioning whether they should fall in love again. Every song on the album acts as a scene in the story. And each, ‘scene’ comes complete with a video created by Jared Leibowich. Dark and simple in it’s structure, their sound is still charming. Ah, love. It really is the affliction and the cure, isn’t it? It truly does make for the best music. And to answer your question, Jared: yes, you should try once more.

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