Bushwalking – “First Time”

Artist: Bushwalking
Album: First Time
Hails From: Melbourne, Australia
Release Date: June 12, 2012

Yummy tunes from a new three piece from Australian outfit calling themselves Bushwalking. A fitting name for their eclectic ambient jams. And further proof that Australia is killing it on the music scene. Their EP, “First Time”, is due out on June 12 and can be streamed from their Bandcamp page. Check out the track, “Visual Jam Doughnut”, released today via The Fader.

King Tuff – “Bad Thing”

Artist: King Tuff
Album: King Tuff
Hails From: Vermont
Release Date: May 29, 2012
Featured Track: “Bad Thing”

All hail the King! The mysterious and elusive man has left us hanging since his brilliant 2008 debut, Was Dead, leaving many to think that maybe he was! Well he’s not. I just saw him live and in the flesh at the Burger Boogaloo at Thee Parkside a couple weeks ago. And how he’s set to release his eponymous sophomore effort on May 29 through Sub Pop. Straight up garage rock goodness. So listen up because he might just “save your life and your ears.” All hail the King.

Miles of Smiles at the 2012 BYOBW

Reason # 129 why I love SF. My favorite Easter Day tradition, the 2012 Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race completed another successful event on San Francisco’s real – and most hidden – crookedest street, Vermont Street in Potrero Hill. And once again, BYOBW delighted the crowds. It’s as much fun to see hundreds of people smiling and belly laughing as it is to see race goers hurtle themselves down the hill in ridiculous costumes and toy big wheels. A great way to spend the day and a very SF twist on a classic pagan holiday. Keep it up SF!

Heavy Cream – “John Johnny”

Artist: Heavy Cream
Album: Super Treatment
Hails From: Nashville
Release Date: May 8, 2012
Featured Track: “John Johnny”

In a Ramones-meets-the-Runaways incarnation, this mostly all girl (and a dude) band from Nashville is set to release their Ty Segall produced effort, “Super Treatment”, on Infinity Cat Records May 8. Yes, that would be the same label created by my other true love, Jeff the Brotherhood. And to round out the name dropping, Heavy Cream is currently touring with Hunx and His Punx. Sold yet? I am.

The Zoltars – “Make It Go Away”

Artist: The Zoltars
Album: Should I Try Once More?
Hails From: Austin, TX
Release Date: April 10, 2012
Featured Track: “Make It Go Away”

The Zoltars are a three piece from Austin on the verge of releasing their debut LP, “Should I Try Once More?” A concept album that tells the story of someone falling in love again. Or so it seems from the album’s title and song track listing, questioning whether they should fall in love again. Every song on the album acts as a scene in the story. And each, ‘scene’ comes complete with a video created by Jared Leibowich. Dark and simple in it’s structure, their sound is still charming. Ah, love. It really is the affliction and the cure, isn’t it? It truly does make for the best music. And to answer your question, Jared: yes, you should try once more.

A Place To Bury Strangers – “You Are The One”

Artist: A Place To Bury Strangers
Album: Worship
Release Date: June 26, 2012
Featured Track: “You Are The One”

Whoa. Sounds like I may need a place to bury my eardrums after listening to this latest track from the New York based noise rock outfit. Worship is their latest sonic assault set to release via Dead Oceans on June 26. “Dark, visceral, and explosive” indeed.

Stephen Paul Smoker – “Green City”

Artist: Stephen Paul Smoker
Album: “Ripe Fruit”
Homeland: Chicago
Release Date: March 20, 2012
Featured Track: “Green City”

Well hello, Chicago. It’s been a while since you’ve caught my ear. Where have you been for so long? Stephen Paul Smoker is a track I stumbled upon from a Chicago-based, six-piece psych-rock outfit who’ve just released their debut LP, Ripe Fruit. And just to make me all nostalgic for my long lost Chicago days, they’ll be playing a record release show April 27 at the Empty Bottle. (sniff)