[New Music] Handsome Furs – “Repatriated”

Handsome Furs– “Repatriated”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ll take Dan Boeckner over Spencer Krug any day. If that statement is means nothing to you, let me explain. Dan Boeckner is a member of the famed Wolf Parade along with lead singer, Spencer Krug. Both have had numerous side projects (Dan with Handsome Furs, and Spencer with Sunset Rubdown and Swan Lake most notably) but while Spencer grabs most of the limelight, Dan is the one who steals my heart time and again. His energy is infectious and the passion and chemistry he and wife Alexi Perry exude in their side project, Handsome Furs, is so palpable and irresistible you just want to climb on stage and start making out….with both of them. They have a good thing going and I’m very excited for their forthcoming effort, Sound Kapital, set to release on Sub Pop this June 28th. And if this album cover is any indication of the material inside, they are as hot as ever.

[Free LP] Night Moves – “Colored Emotions”

Night Moves – “Headlights”

When faced with the challenge of tackling my email inbox or SoundCloud inbox, I always default to the latter. It’s so much more pleasant, and there’s always a good nugget to be had, like this discovery from Minneapolis-based Night Moves. They released their debut album, Colored Emotions, today on Afternoon Records that sounds oh so rad. And by the way, they’re giving it away for free here. Happy Tuesday!

Agnes Obel – “Between the Bars” (Elliott Smith Cover)

I can’t resist an Elliott Smith cover. And what a lovely rendition of “Between the Bars” by songstress Agnes Obel. Born and raised in Denmark, she now lives in Berlin and recently made her US debut at SXSW this year. Her simple and very beautiful voice reminds me of other emerging songbirds like Lia Ices and Laura Viers. Her debut album Philharmonics, was released earlier this year to much critical acclaim. Check it out the track “Riverside” and you’ll see what I mean.

Britain’s Answer to The Cold War Kids…

Hey Sholay!

The amount of good music floating around this globe seems to be endless. This track came to me by way of the Sheffield-based group, Hey Sholay!, that at first listen reminded me of The Cold War Kids. The vocals especially smacked of Nathan Willett. Although a more accurate description of their sound might be The Cold War Kids meets Local Natives, but whatever the musical reference… I liked it! The group is getting ready to release their first single in June. A double A side of this track, “The Bears, The Bees & No Clocks”, and “Dreamboat.” Good luck guys! We’ll be watching….

[For the Record] Q&A with Jeff the Brotherhood

Jeff the Brotherhood – “Diamond Way” [audio http://www.infinitycat.com/mp3s/diamondway.mp3]

Tonight Jeff the Brotherhood will open for garage godfathers, The Greenhornes, at the Bottom of the Hill.    Brotherhood brothers Jake and Jamin bring out the raw essence of rock and roll with just one guitar and drums.  Their latest recording “We Are the Champions” is set to release soon and the duo have just inked a deal with Warner Brothers. Luckily we had a chance to sit down (in cyberspace) with guitarist brother Jake and ask a few questions before they head off for the major league.

OCMD:  The Brotherhood seems to have a deep SF connection.  You have done shows with Hunx and his Punx, and Shannon and her Clams.  You released a split 7″ with OCMD fave Ty Segall.  What gives, how did ya’ll hook up?  Any chance you guys are moving out here?
Jake:  We did a tour with Ty and co a while back and became fast friends.  That crew turned us on to a bunch of stuff.  Probably not movin to bay area anytime soon.

OCMD:  We compulsively go to SXSW every year.  You guys seem like regulars.  Do you have a favorite venue or two in Austin?  Any particular snacks you seek out there?
Jake:  We like to get BBQ and Jamin likes the Crawfish Boil. Also into the food trucks.  Don’t have a fav venue.

OCMD:  I try and eat your blog’s “Snack Attack” suggestions whenever possible and really enjoyed the Dickel and Donut combo.  Any other choices not to be missed?
Jake:  Pickled sausage and cheese and crackers. Just alternate bites, total bliss.

OCMD:  We read that you are encouraging your sister to learn bass and join the family band.  I can’t think of any bands of 3 siblings, that could be a serious edge.  Has there been any progress there?  Do you have a favorite sibling-based band?
Jake:  She’s just started learning.  We like the Jackson 5!

OCMD:  What’s up with the Japan tour?  What do you hope to find there?  With all the sitar on the new album, might you consider a tour of India?
Jake:  Japan tour is hopefully soon, not trying to find anything in particular, just good times.  Dunno if we r gonna tour India, is there cool places to play?

OCMD:  Are you sick of people asking you guys about the whole brother thing?
Jake:  Kinda

OCMD:  Why should we love you more than Natural Child?  They have a lot more herb on their blog, not to mention that naked picture of you.
Jake:  If u are super into cheefin out on sum cheeba u should love Natty Child more, I don’t know what naked pic u talkin about!

OCMD:  Ramones or Zeppelin?
Jake:  Ramones

Thanks Jake!  Safe travels, enjoy the tour.  I hope you make it to Japan (and India-I imagine there are some really cool places to stay).

Demo of the Day: Drive – “No Feel”

Ahhh, this is what I love about blogging, the internets, and Soundcloud. Demos from bands constantly find their way into my inbox. Some good, most not so much. But when I listened to this track from the London group Drive, I smiled. It’s so classic Britpop and represents everything I love about that genre. And the fact that there’s nothing on the internet about this group, except for demo, makes it even better. Let the British hype machine prevail! So here you go, your demo of the day.