Obsession :: Abbe May – “Design Desire”

ArtistAbbe May
Album: Forthcoming
Release Date: May 2011
Homeland: Australia (Perth)
Track: “Mammalian Locomotion (original)

“Mammalian Locomotion (Kevin Parker & Cam Avery of Tame Impala) Remix”

God this Aussie effing rocks. I’m head over heels in love with her rock and roll swagger and have been highly anticipating her forthcoming LP, entitled with the same name, due out in May. Just check out her new single “Design Desire” then take a listen to her previous single “Mammalian Locomotion” and the version remixed by Tame Impala and you’ll see what I mean. Hot. Smoking hot!

2 thoughts on “Obsession :: Abbe May – “Design Desire”

  1. I like the Tame Impala Mamalian Locomotion remix but on the whole I think the Abbe May adoration society is suffering from a severe case of the emperor’s new clothes – are people so wowed because she’s Australian and generally our expectation of Australian music, and particularly women musicians, are so low?

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