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Artist: Stripmall Architecture
Album:Feathersongs for Factory Girls, Part 2
Homeland: San Francisco
Release Date: May 17, 2011
Featured Track:Daylight Machine”

I’ve been a long time fan of the trippy, atmospheric sounds of the Bay Area group Stripmall Architecture. They’ve got a Fever Ray, The Knife meets Lykke Li kind of sound going on. Sans the theatrics. “Feathersongs for Factory Girls, Part 2” EP will release on May 17 and they have shows scheduled at Cafe du Nord on May 14 and The Rickshaw Stop on June 19. In the meantime, check out this new video for “One of Three”.

The Rumble SF 5/4: Mister Loveless, James & Evander, The Fling

Mr. Loveless“The Old Pain” [audio]
The Fling“Wanderingfoot” [audio]
James & Evander– “Constellating” [audio]

It’s that time of the month again. The first Wednesday of the month where you get a free preview into a line up of the bands of tomorrow. And May is a good month. Not only is it a great line up of artists – featuring San Francisco’s James & Evander, Mister Loveless and LA-based group, The Fling – but it’s also my birthday. So if you don’t come for the music, come for that.

For free entrance, RSVP here. Or pay $5 at the door.

New Album: JEFF the Brotherhood – “We Are The Champions”

Artist: JEFF the Brotherhood
Album: We are the Champions
Release Date: June 21, 2011
Homeland: Nashville
Featured Tracks:Shredder” [audio]
“Diamond Way” [audio]

Brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall, aka JEFF The Brotherhood, literally will rock your socks off. Their debut album “Heavy Days” is still on high rotation. “We Are The Champions” is their next modest endeavor and their celebrating with a grand tour. You have to see it to believe it and will land in SF on May 14 at Bottom of the Hill with…wait for it…The Greenhornes. I’ve died and gone to heaven. Yeah, I pretty much worship this band. You should too.

[RANT] Do Record Labels Care About Music Consumption Habits?

Global Music Consumption

Looking at this survey from The Nielson Company of global music consumption habits I think not. Digital music sales are flat, music consumption habits are changing and so are the demographics and desires of music fans themselves. So why is there no innovation in music product to cater to these new habits and consumers?  Why aren’t the labels listening? Why aren’t they cooperating and creating appropriate licensing models that will spur new product innovation and….revenue?

Clearly the old model of buy and listen isn’t winning the popular vote anymore. When the labels had control over music supply it was a very viable and lucrative model. But guess what,  they don’t have control over the supply anymore, whether they like it or not. Consumers have a choice and try as they might to squelch piracy with their iron fists of legislation, at the end of the day they’re losing…and making everyone suffer along the way. It’s a slippery slope of defense with an inevitable ending. The reality is right there in this chart. This isn’t the music consumer of yore. It’s a YouTube generation filled with a new kind of music fan that wants to experience music and share it. So let’s put this lame horse known as the old music industry out of it’s misery, make some glue, and build new product strategies that support both the artists and consumers. Goddamnit.

Obsession :: Abbe May – “Design Desire”

ArtistAbbe May
Album: Forthcoming
Release Date: May 2011
Homeland: Australia (Perth)
Track: “Mammalian Locomotion (original)

“Mammalian Locomotion (Kevin Parker & Cam Avery of Tame Impala) Remix”

God this Aussie effing rocks. I’m head over heels in love with her rock and roll swagger and have been highly anticipating her forthcoming LP, entitled with the same name, due out in May. Just check out her new single “Design Desire” then take a listen to her previous single “Mammalian Locomotion” and the version remixed by Tame Impala and you’ll see what I mean. Hot. Smoking hot!