Stuck in My Head: Guitaro – “Chateau 100”

Artist: Guitaro
Album: JJ’s Crystal Palace
Homeland: Vancouver, BC
Release Date: March 1, 2011
Featured Track: “Chateau 100”

“Come Get Sums”

Space disco aptly describes the sound of this Vancouver-based trio’s new release, JJ’s Crystal Palace. Headphone candy is more like it. I’ve been walking around in a silent disco for the better part of a month now. The group, who’ve been kicking around for more than decade with numerous EPs to show for it, are back from a six year hiatus with this, their second full length album. What started out as a heavy shoegaze act has evolved into a sound that’s very reminiscent of Air. The shoegaze influence is still there, like a backdrop or base note, but layered with lush boy/girl pop harmonies and trippy synth grooves. I’m digging it.

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