I Never Listen To Your Mixtape…

Artist: Lady Fortune
Album: The Light from the Television EP
Homeland: UK
Label: Moorhouse Records
Release Date: 12/13/10 (or 13/12/10 for you Brits)
Featured Track: “Mixtape”

Don’t you love when the lyrics to a song just nail it? Yeah, I got that feeling when I listened to this track from UK-based Lady Fortune. I knew from the moment I heard it that Nick (the vocalist who sent me it) and I were going to get along. I completely agree with his mixtape sentiments. (Eye to eye, Nick.) It reminds me of what I like most about music, which is it’s ability to more elegantly express or articulate a sentiment or feeling. Even if that sentiment is music snobbery.  With a sound a bit like The Strokes meets Jamie T., they’re beginning to make some buzz across the pond. Their new EP, The Light from the Television, is due out on Moorhouse Records next month.

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Artist: The Black Ryder
Album: Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride
Homeland: Australia
Genre: Shoegaze
Label: Mexican Summer
Track: “Let it Go”

Australian shoegazers, The Black Ryder, released their debut LP “Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride” on Mexican Summer earlier this year. A great title that conjures up the work and ethos of Hunter S. Thomspon. A good parallel because both are deliciously distorted. The band is scheduled to make their live debut in San Francisco Thursday, December 2 at 330 Ritch as part of Popscene. It’s a free show so get there early!

12/1 @ The Rickshaw Stop: Phantom Kicks, The Actors, Sunbeam Rd.

Phantom Kicks “Cut from a Different Clay”

The Actors “First Date”

Sunbeam Rd.Rocketeer


Stuck in My Head: New Mexico – “Chosen Ones”

New Mexico “Chosen Ones”

I have not stopped listening to this EP, Have You Met My Friend?, since it landed in my inbox. Fast, rough and dirty, it’s one of my favorites for 2010 for sure so make sure you pick it up. And this track in particular?  H.e.a.v.y. rotation. To the point where it’s become a morning ritual. Two cups of coffee and a shot of New Mexico and I’m out the door, ready to take on the world.

They’ll be hitting SF this winter and have a tentative date for January 26 at The Knockout. Yeah. Mark your calendars…get set…GO!

11/22 @ Milk Bar: Sister Crayon, Truckasaurus, Kites Sail High

Sister Crayon – “In Reverse”

Truckasaurus – “Quarters

Kites Sail High – “Always

Kevin at epicsauce.com is curating a great night of Monday night music at Milk Bar featuring Sacramento’s Sister Crayon, Seattle-based Truckasaurus, whose sophomore album just got a 8.2 on Pitchfork, and San Francisco’s Kites Sail High.

Jim Noir – Zooper Dooper EP

Jim Noir – “Cars

Yes, I know you all think @indierockgirl is a one trick pony with my never ending array of garage rock recommendations, but I do dabble in a little indie pop now and then. Mostly the British variety (don’t ask me why) and Jim Noir is one of those artists, much like The Bees and The Beta Band, that I have a big soft spot for. Jim is a quirky, eccentric, bowler hat wearing guy that does an excellent job of making psychedelic pop. Eanie Meany, My Patch and Tower of Love are some of my favorites. His new EP, Zooper Dooper, is out now and available for mere 4 quid. Buy it here.