Tied to the Branches – “Fog”

Tied to the Branches – “Fog

We’re down there somewhere under all that fog. This summer has been borderline inhumane here in SF weather-wise. Just when our indian summer should be kicking in, the fog gets thicker… and wetter. “Caution Heavy Fog” signs are a common sight on the Golden Gate Bridge these days. So dense it’s disorienting and starts to mess with your mind. It has a surreal, other worldly quality. And I’ve been seeking music of late to match this frame of mind (caution: mixtape in progress). So San Francisco’s Tied to the Branches self-titled debut EP (set to release September 28) and the track “Fog” couldn’t have arrived my inbox at a better time. Like manna from heaven their reverb-soaked, psychedelic drone completes the fog induced psychosis.

Someone get me some vitamin D, quick.

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