The Rumble SF Brings Indie Music and Film to Cafe du Nord Tonight!

Sunset – “Moonlight

The White White Lights“Space Invaders

Dana Falconberry – “Nightingale

The monthly FutureSounds Rumble Tour that rolls through town every month has built a reputation of breaking hot new artists (think Band of Skulls). This October, The Rumble will trump all of that with a new venue location, Cafe du Nord, and a new concept – indie film!

As usual, the monthly Rumble tour is set to bring a stellar line up upcoming artists through San Francisco tonight Wednesday, October 6, featuring Austin, TX-based acts Sunset, The White White Lights, and Dana Falconberry. What’s new is that preceding the showcase you’ll get to see a sneak preview of the indie film, Echotone – a documentary film about the music culture of Austin, Texas that features the very bands in this month’s showcase line up. Documentary filmmaker, Nathan Christ, followed a range of indie rock bands over a two year period chronicling the indie subculture – from the bands to the venues and promoters to the city governments themselves. Wrap it all up and put a bow on it, I can’t think of a better night of audio/visual entertainment. Don’t miss it!

RSVP now for the free music portion of the event at SonicLiving.

RSVP here for discounted tickets to the Echotone film screening ($7 with RSVP/ $10 at door ) that starts at 7PM.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

the band in Heaven + Weird Wives Split Tape [Free MP3s]

the band in Heaven“Summer Bummer”

Weird Wives“Head Bugs”

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled lo-fi programming. This yummy bit of shoegaze goodness comes from the South Florida outfit the band in Heaven, whose track ‘Summer Bummer’ I’ve officially christened as my theme song for the season, and Miami’s Weird Wives who is comprised of 3/5 of Surfer Blood and seem inclined to write songs with wifey, motherly connotations like ‘Head Bugs’ and ‘Wet Blanket’. Whatever the case, this split tape sure sounds good to me. Download it now here.

Depression State Troopers – “Take My Hair”

Artist: Depression State Troopers
Album: The Reason for the Fall
Release Date: October 5, 2010
Track: “Take My Hair”

While I’m not usually a big fan of the alt country category, there are two things I do have a soft spot for – the pedal guitar and singer/songwriter Tim Williams. Both of which are featured on the debut project by him and Jacob Jones called Depression State Troopers. But don’t let the name get you down. It’s a refreshing breath of fresh air in a sea of music sameness. Lovely.

One to Watch: Tamaryn – “Mild Confusion”

Tamaryn – “Mild Confusion”

There’s no confusion here, this local lady is ready to blow up. Signed to tastemaker label Mexican Summer – who released her debut, The Waves, last week – her music is a heady concoction of ethereal dream pop and reverb drenched, MBV-esque shoegazy guitar goodness. Which is perhaps why I like it so much. Her debut album is available now. Get it.

The Radio Dept – “The New Improved Hypocrisy”

The Radio Dept. – “The New Improved Hypocrisy”

“The New Improved Hypocrisy” is the latest single from Sweden’s The Radio Dept. A track with a political bent inspired by the country’s recent elections. Though this song sounds so nice I don’t get the sense that things are so bad over there. Not hearing any angst or suffering in here. If they want something to get upset about, might I suggest they live in the US for a while.  And might I also suggest that if you don’t already have The Radio Dept.’s recent album, Clinging to a Scheme, you get it pronto. It’s lovely.

Tied to the Branches – “Fog”

Tied to the Branches – “Fog

We’re down there somewhere under all that fog. This summer has been borderline inhumane here in SF weather-wise. Just when our indian summer should be kicking in, the fog gets thicker… and wetter. “Caution Heavy Fog” signs are a common sight on the Golden Gate Bridge these days. So dense it’s disorienting and starts to mess with your mind. It has a surreal, other worldly quality. And I’ve been seeking music of late to match this frame of mind (caution: mixtape in progress). So San Francisco’s Tied to the Branches self-titled debut EP (set to release September 28) and the track “Fog” couldn’t have arrived my inbox at a better time. Like manna from heaven their reverb-soaked, psychedelic drone completes the fog induced psychosis.

Someone get me some vitamin D, quick.

[Free EP] Wintercoats – “Cathedral”

Wintercoats – “Overture

*sigh*… I think if I could split my time between San Francisco, Australia and London, my OCMD would be cured.  I just love getting new music in my inbox from artists in these locales. This ethereal/dream pop number came in my inbox late last night from James in Melbourne, Australia and was oh so lovely with its string arrangements and vocal harmonies I just had to share. It’s free. Enjoy!

Download here.