It’s Aussie Week on The OCMD

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I think there’s an Australian music invasion afoot. Ever since I returned home from Austin my inbox has been pinged by an unusually high number of Australian-based indie bands looking for blog love. Hmmm. I did attend the SXSW Aussie BBQ showcase in Austin. Perhaps I was tagged. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence. Or maybe there is a plot to take over the airwaves.  Every geography has it’s moment of musical dominance after all. Why not Australia?

Whatever the case, I met some lovely folks in Austin and have been introduced to some talented bands since then as well.  And seeing as I love themes, I’ve decided to roll out my Aussie faves for you all week.  Welcome to Aussie Week on The OCMD! Hope you enjoy.

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