David Letterman Launches Record Label. Seriously.

Everybody’s in a band these days. Everybody owns a label these days. The newest addition to the music label ranks is David Letterman’s new venture called Clear Entertainment/C.E. Music, a subsidiary of Worldwide Pants, Inc. production company, which will release the self-titled debut for the pop-punk group called Runner Runner later this summer.

First of all, what kind of BS genre is pop-punk?  It’s a complete oxymoron. I already don’t like it. Secondly, is owning a record label the latest trend du jour?  Every blog of importance seems to have one now and  it seems to be crossing into the celebrity sphere.  I fear this is heading down a dangerous and misguided path.  Like the en vogue trend of actresses launching their own fashion/makeup/ fragrance lines. Just because you’re pretty and dress well, does that mean you should design clothes too?  I don’t know.  But it all seems to be a bit much.

One thing for sure about Letterman, he has the eyeballs and the media power to truly make a difference for a band.  So more power to him. Too bad he doesn’t have better music taste. Take a listen to his pick and see if you agree.

Aussie Week: Bon Chat, Bon Rat [Free EP Download]

Bon Chat, Bon Rat“Map of Sao Paulo

Main Entry: à bon chat, bon rat
Pronunciation: \ä-bōⁿ-ˈshä bōⁿ-ˈrä\
Etymology: French

  1. An attacker and an attackee who grow stronger from finding new ways to outwit each other. Literally, a French proverb that means “to a good cat, a good rat” – whether good or bad, they got what they deserve.
  2. A Sydney-based three piece electronic act whose lush, atmospheric sound evokes acts like Pivot, Four Tet, M83 and Decoder Ring.

I love it when this happens.  I open my inbox to discover awesome new music, not only for me but you too! Bon Chat, Bon Rat is giving away their self-titled EP for free download. That’s right. Free!! So go ahead, drop it like it’s hot.

Download Bon Chat, Bon Rat EP now.

EP of the Week: The Middle East [Album Giveaway]

The Middle East“The Darkest Side”


The Middle East is another Australian-based band with an interesting history and a bright future.  Formed in 2005, they recorded one album called The Recordings of The Middle East then split up.  Less than a year later, they regrouped and re-released an abridged version of that album as an EP that was released in the US late last year. It’s an absolutely gorgeous album comprised of a compelling combination of vocal harmonies, plunking guitars and electronic ambience. The group have just finished recording their debut album in Denton, TX and are hitting the road for an exhaustive tour.  They’ll be playing at San Francisco’s Slim’s on June 2 opening for Mumford & Sons. Don’t miss it as they’ll likely be headlining next time they come around. I wonder if they’ll be fated to change their name like The Muslims?

While you’re pondering that, I’ve got a couple of albums to giveaway to the first takers.  Hit me on email theocmd@gmail.com or Twitter @indierockgirl.

Aussie Week: City Riots

City Riots “She Never Wants to Dance”

I was standing in a crowd watching Children Collide, I believe, at the Aussie BBQ in Austin when I met Ricky of City Riots. A very nice lad (his words) who followed up with even nicer email with some tracks from their new album.  The indie 4-piece spent four months in Chicago with producer Bjorn Thorsrud (Smashing Pumpkins, Dandy Warhols, Billy Corgan) recording their first full length album.  “She Never Wants to Dance” is a taste of it.  Enjoy.

Aussie Week: Tame Impala

Tame Impala – “Runway, Houses, City, Clouds

Well, hello boys.  Where have you been hiding? This 3 piece outfit from Perth, Australia has been music to my ears since hitting my inbox.  Their psychedelic grooves harken the hippie hey days of Haight Ashbury in the late 60s.  And it’s not much of a stretch to imagine this crew wandering barefoot in Golden Gate Park either. The look, the sound, it’s all so…Hipstamatic. Their second album, Innerspeaker, is due out on May 21 in Australia and June 8 internationally.  Dig it.

Banksy Hits San Francisco

San Francisco has a new artist in residence and his name is Banksy. The notoriously reclusive British street artist has hit SF with at least six known locations of his signature graffiti art, which are nicely documented in this video from the Warholian. The artist has garnered quite a following and his reclusive mystic only adds to the allure and value. Banksy does not sell photos of his street graffiti but industrious art auctioneers have been known to attempt to sell his street art on location and leave the problem of its removal in the hands of the winning bidder. Let’s hope our installation survives.

Aussie Week: Oh Mercy

Oh Mercy “Lay Everything On Me”

By way of Melbourne, this duo is yet unsigned in the US but currently residing in NY to write the follow up to their debut “Privileged Woes” – which is a great album title, by the way.  With a pop vibe very reminiscent to Belle & Sebastian, they seem to be destined for success.  Already they’ve been deemed a ‘Breakout Artist’ in their land and are currently on tour in Australia supporting The Temper Trap.  Lay Everything On Me indeed.