Lackthereof – My Haunted

Artist: Lackthereof
Album: My Haunted
File Under: Lo Fi Indie Pop
Recommended if You Like: The National, Bon Iver, Bonnie Prince Billy
Featured Track: The Columbia

Lackthereof is the solo side project of Portland, Oregon’s Menomena drummer, Danny Seim.  He’s self recorded many albums under this moniker.  I just stumbled upon this release from earlier this year entitled, ‘My Haunted’, and can’t stop listening to it.  It’s such a beautiful, gentle, lo-fi, atmospheric album – in the same sense that Bon Iver evokes.  But his voice is like listening to The National’s, ‘Fake Empire’.  A lovely combination indeed.

He also just released a new album, Your Anchor, last month.  Check it out as you won’t be seeing him live anytime soon. He doesn’t have any plans to take this gig outside of Portland at the moment.  

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