My Radiohead Religion

For all the bullshit that was involved with the All Points West Festival in NY this weekend – the poor transportation planning, ridiculous VIP setup, absurd alcohol restrictions, enormous lines and overall clusterfuck –  all was redeemed when Radiohead took the stage Saturday night.

As the sun set on the New York city skyline, thousands of people jostled to their places then stood transfixed and mesmerized for the next two hours.  It was the most beautiful Radiohead performance I’ve seen yet.  So gentle, haunting and moving that it enraptured 30,000 people to such a state of reverent silence you could hear a pin drop when Thom Yorke started in on ‘House of Cards.’

It gave me chills and felt somewhat transcendental.  For everything at that moment was perfect – the weather, the scenery, the crowd, the company and most of all the music.  I didn’t want it to end – ever.

After the show, there was a palpable sense of calm and peacefulness about the crowd.  I was truly amazed no one lost their cool as 30,000 people descended on the only two transportation outlets home.  Clearly everyone was affected.  

Once we got home, all we could do for hours was reflect.  It was a profoundly beautiful evening.  And it might have been the closest thing to a religious experience I’ve ever had. My Radiohead religion.

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