Rock Band 2 – Drummer’s Delight

I’m quite the Rock Band junkie and have pretty much appointed myself house drummer.  Play with me and you’re relegated to vocals or guitar, but drums are off limits.  Not that I don’t like to share and all; it’s just too painful to watch a newbie flail around on the drum pads, and only a matter of time before they inadvertently pause the game mid-song by whacking the XBox menu button instead of the pad.  Grrrrr.

I started to seriously drool when Adam forwarded me this post from Gizmodo about this new third party Ion Drum Kit available with the impending release of RockBand 2 in September. This isn’t the drum kit shipping with Rock Band 2, you’ll have to pay $300 for this one.  But my, isn’t it pretty?

There’s also a new crop of songs coming with Rock Band 2 to get excited about.  But until then, we’ll be rocking out to the best Rock Band song EVER!

Boston/Foreplay-Long Time

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