Best of 2011

December is always a time of reflection and nostalgia for me; some of it sweet, some not so much. But revisiting my favorite music of the year always falls on the sweeter side of the spectrum and inevitably puts a smile on my face as I trace back all the music that moved me through the course of the year. Whether it’s musing over the hype and hyperbole of a buzz band that’s come and gone (ahem, The Vaccines) or rediscovering a gem that time almost forgot (read: Lia Ices), compiling my annual ‘Best Of’ list has become a ritual I cherish.

So, without further ado, here are my favorite albums of 2011. My 2011 rewind. Kinda sorta listed in order but I find the process of ranking music to be like splitting hairs. All that really matters is that this is the music that moved me this year. The albums I came back to again and again. I enjoyed them. Immensely. Hope you will too.

Unknown Mortal OrchestraSelf Titled

Kurt VileSmoke Ring for My Halo

Mikal CroninSelf Titled

Washed OutWithin and Without

WidowspeakSelf Titled

Ty SegallTy Rex

Abbe MaeDesign Desire

The SandwitchesMrs. Jones Cookies

VetiverThe Errant Charm

BlouseSelf Titled

Fungi Girls, Some Easy Magic

Quilt, Self Titled

Thurston Moore, Demolished Thoughts

Nick WaterhouseIs That Clear EP

Charles Bradley, No Time for Dreaming

Lia IcesGrown Unknown

Thee Oh SeesCarrion Crawler/The Dream

Shannon and the ClamsSleep Talk

Wooden ShjipsWest

PapercutsFading Parade

That Ghost, Songs Out Here


YuckSelf Titled

Jeff the Brotherhood, We are the Champions

Black LipsArabia Mountain

Future IslandsOn the Water

RadioheadKing of Limbs

Yellow Ostrich, The Mistress

White Denim, D

Stephen Malkmus & The JicksMirror Traffic

One thought on “Best of 2011

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