Stuck In My Head: Neneh Cherry + The Thing – “Dream Baby Dream (Four Tet Remix)”

Artist: Neneh Cherry + The Thing
Album: The Cherry Thing
Hails From: UK
Release Date: June 18, 2012
Featured Track: “Dream Baby Dream (Four Tet Remix)

This track is hot, hot, hot. And is on heavy rotation on my playlist. Stuck in my head to be exact. A woman on the move with a fascinating heritage, Neneh Cherry is a creative force to be reckoned with. Don’t put her in a box. On her latest effort, she’s partnered with Sweden jazz trio The Thing, a group who took its name from a piece by world/free jazz trumpet great Don Cherry. So it makes sense that they should eventually team up with Don Cherry’s daughter.

The Cherry Thing tracklisting:
1. Cashback (Neneh Cherry)
2. Dream Baby Dream (Suicide)
3. Too Tough To Die (Martina Topley-Bird)
4. Sudden Movement (Mats Gustaffson)
5. Accordion (MF Doom)
6. Golden Heart (Don Cherry)
7. Dirt (The Stooges)
8. What Reason (Ornette Coleman)

Cosmonauts – “Motorcycle One”

Artist: Cosmonauts
Album: If You Wanna Die Then I Wanna Die
Hails From: Fullterton, CA
Release Date: May 17, 2012
Featured Track: “Motorcycle One”

So Velvet Underground and perfectly aligned with so many other San Francsico garage rock groups I love so much – think Thee Oh Sees, Moon Duo. Check out their new album. Love.

Sonny & The Sunsets Go Country with “Longtime Companion”

Artist: Sonny & The Sunsets
Album: Longtime Companion
Hails From: San Francisco
Release Date: June 26, 2012
Featured Track: “I See the Void”

I heard this track a while ago. Saved it and listened to it many times before realizing it was a Sonny & The Sunsets track. Proving that I truly do love every single thing he releases. This, their forthcoming release, is a country album. And fittingly so because it’s a breakup record about love and heartache. Every song written while ending his 10 year relationship with his girlfriend. Let’s hope it’s as healing as it is beautiful.

Dusted – “Property Lines”

Artist: Dusted
Album: Total Dust
Hails From: Toronto
Release Date: July 10, 2012
Featured Track: “Property Lines”

Holy Fuck! Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck) has gone rogue and formed a stripped down twosome with Leon Tahney (Final Fantasy, Rituals, Bruce Peninsula) called Dusted. And bravo is it good. A great combination of fuzzed out guitars and haunting, melodic vocals. A little Neil Young Crazy Horse meets Fleet Foxes, if you will. Good, right? Due out July 10, you can pre-order the album now.

White Fence – Family Perfume Vol. 2

Artist: White Fence
Album: Family Perfume Vol 1 & 2
Hails From: Los Angeles (via Bay Area)
Release Date: April 3 (vol. 1); May 15 (vol. 2)
Featured Track: “It Will Never Be”

Tim Presley is a genius. Let’s just state the facts and get that out of the way. The member of Darker My Love and The Strange Boys has put out quite a catalogue of solo work under the moniker White Fence since 2010.  This week he’s out with Volume 2 of his double album, Family Perfume. It’s a magical mystery tour of a musical journey. With a little Kinks in there too. But don’t let the 60s homage fool you. Live, he’s touring with a full band that will, quite simply, melt your mind. The tour’s kick off set in San Fran with Ty Segall was one I won’t soon forget. Oh, did I mention his recent collaboration with Ty? Dream team. And one of the best live shows I’ve seen this year.

The Memories – “Higher”

Artist: The Memories
Album: The Memories
Hails From: Portland
Featured Track: “Higher”

Burger Records never lets me down with their finely curated selection of artists and releases. Portland-based The Memories are no exception. Their debut album is AWESOME. Super mellow, fuzzed out and dreamy, the group self recorded the tracks in the upstairs bedroom of their shared home. Cheeky track titles like, “Cowboys Don’t Get High,” “Took Drugs (Went Insane),” make it all that more endearing. Fans of White Fang and The Feelies, you’re gonna like this.

Strange Hands – “First Poem”

Artist: Strange Hands
Album: Dead Flowers
Release Date: May 11, 2012
Homeland: Bordeaux, France
Featured Track: “First Poem”

Someone Kickstart a campaign to get these guys to the US, please! A French garage rock band. Who knew? Liking everything about this debut album from band start to finish. Oozing with that 60s era psychedelic sound, it’s irresistibly good.